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Matthew has won several awards like

International close-up magician, close up

magician of the Magic Circle of the year along with second position in FISM Europe Parlour. Matthew is found to be one of the most wanted magicians in the county. Matthew is not only the House of Illusion‘s director in Spain, but also an illusionist in the Manchester’s Magic Bar. Currently he is theorganizer of Parlour Theatre of his own which is in Malta.


Matthew Wright

Information about our lectures at the Devon Magic club


Dann Orleans

In the 1980s, they performed a children's magic show, called "Magic Over The Rainbow," at theatres and museums in the US, Canada and the Virgin Islands. The theatrical production portrayed a magician's assistant who didn't want to help with the show because she was distracted by searching for her holiday presents. The routines and audience reactions were videotaped and can be seen on the 3rd disc in the DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic for Children."

From 2001 – 2006, Danny wrote 11 books teaching the art of magic for Scholastic Publishing and consulted on their Ultimate Magic Club Magic Kits.Over 300,000 kits were sold nationwide. In 2008 he wrote the first scratch-off book on magic where the book actually performs magic tricks as the reader scratches off the scratch-offs. Click to learn more about Magic Scratchers.

Danny and Jan have a lecture based on their 3-DVD set, "The Art of Presenting Magic to Children," where they teach audience management strategies to magicians who perform for youngsters.

The Paul Gordon Close-up Magic

Lecture has travelled the world. In fact,

he has visited (and lectured in)

America seven times since 1994; the

first being at Tannen’s Jubilee in New

York and also at Fechter’s Finger

Flicking Frolics in New York. In The

UK, he has lectured for over 90

different clubs since 1994; including

four times at The Magic Circle Club in

London and at Mark Leveridge’s

Close-up Symposium. Plus lectures

in France, Monaco (Stars of Magic),

Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden,

Spain, France & Germany and now in Devon magic club

http://paulgordon.net/thepaulgordonlecture. pdf